A Woman’s Thought Process .. Accompanied by Korbel

I just love when my 1 hour flight is delayed for 3… said no one ever

…my miracle of the situation… I have found a muse..
an amusement..
an amusing distraction …

Playing 21 questions with Ulysses…

The wonderful thing about this battle of wits… is the dedication it takes from both players..
The respect it shows to your counterpart …

A true test of character

The thought occurs to me… I’ve never legitimately completed a game of 21 questions.

Maybe its my short attention span..
I mean… could anyone possibly have the patience to make it through the amount of questions it takes to guess the appropriate thought of the opponent..

Perhaps I have none of the analyzing skills one must posses to finish a match…


The unfortunate truth …

It may just be that I have yet.. well at least until now.. felt worthy to play an active role in such an intimate exchange …

I cannot help but wonder what my answers…or perhaps questions say about me…
What secrets am I ever so slightly giving away about myself….


Enduring a moment of self scrutiny.. self awareness.. realization that I am becoming too vulnerable for my own comfort…

Mashae… youre scaring yourself..
Who are you?!
Who am I playing with?

Who is this opponent.. on the other end of my telescope of self awareness
Learning more about me than I may know myself

….deep breath and sigh as I realize I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to…

Im hooked.
Im attached.
Im all in…



And the reality of it all is this….
Its just a simple game of 21 questions…

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